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The Cost of Selling My House in Idaho?

What Are The Costs Associated With Selling My House In Idaho?

Here’s a short list of the most common costs that buyers don’t think about.

Direct out of pocket costs that make YOU spend cash:
• Home inspections
• Repairs

The buyer’s lender or insurance company may require inspections as a condition of closing or coverage. Inspections often lead to required repairs and upgrades. Many of these inspections are unnecessary and lots of minor repairs add up to one big bill that you’ll pay up front.

Hidden Costs that reduce your bottom line
• Property tax credits
• Seller concessions to buyer’s closing cost or down payment

Since property taxes are billed in arrears to the current owner, your buyer will want a credit for the estimated property taxes prorated through the closing date. Landlords selling homes to their tenants often credit a portion of the rent toward the downpayment. Most mortgage companies allow sellers to contribute up to 6% toward their buyer’s costs at closing.

How much does it cost by selling my house through a real estate agent?
• 5-7% in broker fees
• $200-$500 in agent transaction fees which get passed on to you

A listing broker will split the commissions with the buyer’s broker, and as the seller you’ll end up paying for both. Your listing agent has to pay transaction fees to their broker in order to sell your home for you. If you read your listing agreement carefully, you’ll find that these costs get passed on to you.

How much does it cost by selling a home as a FSBO listing?
• $599-$799 flat listing fee
• 3% commission
You can list on the MLS for a flat fee, but if an interested buyer is represented by a real estate agent, you’ll be expected to pay the commission to the buyer’s broker. There are websites that offer FSBO only listings marketing services through national home locator sites. But you’ll often have to pay a fee for every month your home is on the market.

Mortgage due, Avoid Foreclosure

Sell my house fast for cash: fact or fiction?

What types of buyers can really pay me in cash for selling my home?

Look for a local buyer. You’ll want to work with a real estate investor who specializes in rehabbing and property management.

What are my options for selling my house fast for cash?

You really only have 2 options:
1. You could sell your house fast if you’re willing to lower your asking price, offer maximum seller concessions, pay for the fixer-upper, leave the closing table empty handed.
2. Or you can sell to an investor who’ll buy your house as is, really fast, for cash.

Where can I find a buyer who’ll pay cash for my home?

Avoid the time and expense of selling your home. Request a no-obligation evaluation your home today. You won’t have to tidy up the place to impress us. We’re ready to see your house as is.

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If you find yourself facing foreclosure and unable to find tenants or maybe just inherited a home, in any case, we can help you sell your home in Boise in 7-10 days. If you’re thinking of selling and are exploring your options, consider selling directly to us.

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