If you’re selling your home in Idaho—and you’re hoping to do so without a realtor—you’re in luck. Here at Boise-based Northwest Home Buyers, we’ll give you a fair, speedy all-cash offer on your property, and we’ll close on it whenever you’re ready. Our fast and efficient purchase process comes free of fees, commissions, or obligation. And the best part of it is, we purchase just about any kind of home—regardless of its condition and regardless of your situation.

Northwest Home Buyers: Now Purchasing Idaho Homes As-is
We understand: There are many, many reasons why you may need to sell your Idaho house with a minimum of hassle and expense. Maybe you’re in the midst of a divorce. Maybe you’re staring down foreclosure or saddled with liens.

Or perhaps you’ve inherited a place you don’t particularly want, or you want to downsize, or you’re a weary landlord looking to unload a rental property. Maybe your house has fallen into major disrepair and you lack the funds to rehabilitate it. Maybe it’s experienced a fire or a flood, and you simply don’t have the means to make it livable again.

Or, heck, maybe you simply want to move as quickly and straightforwardly as possible—and have the money in hand from your home sale in short order.

Hiring a realtor to sell your house can be a time-consuming and expensive process. It can take awhile to track down the right agent for your needs, just as it can take awhile—sometimes a long while—to find a serious buyer with the financing to make the purchase.

With Northwest Home Buyers, you eliminate such complications—not to mention contracts that bind you to a particular agent and the fees you owe him or her. We buy your house directly, and, because we pay in cash, closing can be incredibly quick.

Other Benefits of Selling to Northwest Home Buyers
Furthermore, we’ll happily buy homes in need of some major TLC—properties you might find mighty difficult to sell through the standard listing process. With us, there’s no need for you to shell out for repairs or cleaning to prep the house for sale: From a leaky basement or damaged roof to an all-around ramshackle building, we’re ready to take it off your hands—and put some cash in your hands while we’re at it.

And then there’s the geographic element, which can often be a complicating and even prohibitive factor in selling a place. No worries with Northwest Home Buyers: We purchase properties all across Idaho, regardless of location.

What about tenants? On that count, too, you needn’t fret. Even if you’ve been burdened with bad tenants in the past, or you’re grappling with current ones who won’t leave, the Northwest Home Buyers team is ready to make an offer: We’ll take care of everything.

So, to summarize: You can sell your house as-is to Northwest Home Buyers without a realtor, without agent or closing fees, without getting it structurally and aesthetically ready to show to prospective buyers, without evicting current tenants, and without enduring the lengthy closing process that often comes with traditional financing.