Senior Housing Options: How To Make Buying a Home More Manageable for Seniors

Finding Senior Housing Options can be difficult and confusing.  Whether you are downsizing or moving to a new home to be closer to your family members, buying a home can be quite an undertaking. And, if you are going to attempt to sell your current home while you look for a new home to purchase, you probably are feeling overwhelmed. We offer this guide to make purchasing a home more manageable for seniors in the hopes of simplifying the process for you.

home buying for seniors

Looking to find how to buy a home as a senior? There are many home buying options available.

  1. Enlist the Help of a Senior Move Manager


Senior Move Managers have the expertise and experience needed to help seniors downsize and move to a new home easier. To ensure that you are choosing a Senior Move Manager who will be honest with you and help you move expertly and affordably, consider hiring one who is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers. These Senior Move Managers understand the issues you will face while moving and transitioning to a new home and lifestyle.


Senior Move Managers assist seniors and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocating and aging in place. Even if you are excited about downsizing and moving to a new home that is more manageable for you and will support your desire to age in place, you will benefit from the help of a Senior Move Manager. These professionals know how to help you organize and sort your belongings when you downsize, hire a trustworthy realtor, interview and schedule movers to get your belongings to your new home safely, and unpack and settle into your new home.


  1. Understand the Features You Should Look for in a New Home


When seniors move to a smaller home, they often have difficulty imagining living in a home with less space than they’ve been used to for the past few decades. It’s helpful to think about the features that will make your new home more comfortable and manageable for you so that you can rest easily knowing that you will be happy in a smaller home. For example, homes that have one story are much better for seniors because they will not risk falling on stairs or need to carry laundry up and down each day. Homes featuring open floor plans help seniors feel like their house is larger than it is. Seniors also should look for homes on smaller lots because they are easier to maintain and require less work. Finally, seniors should look for homes with bathrooms that include a walk-in tub or shower and safety features such as grab bars and higher toilets.


Seniors also should look for homes that are as energy efficient as possible not only to help the environment but also to save on energy bills. You will want to work with your realtor or Senior Move Manager to make sure homes you visit are energy efficient. They should have effective insulation and energy-efficient windows. Furnaces should be high-efficiency models and appliances should all be Energy Star rated. Your real estate agent and home inspector will be helpful in determining the energy efficiency of your new home.


  1. Work with Your Family Members


Seniors who enlist the help of family members when downsizing and relocating to a new home often find that the process is much more manageable and enjoyable. You can share your feelings with your family members and work together to go through memories while organizing and sorting your belongings to downsize. While your Senior Move Manager will be an invaluable resource during this phase of your move, family members will give you the emotional support and comfort you need throughout the process. You also may decide that now is the time to give them heirlooms, keepsakes, or other items from their childhood and make your downsizing process a little more meaningful for everyone.


Buying a new home is an exciting time for seniors who want a smaller, more manageable home for their golden years. The process itself can be more manageable when you enlist the help of a Senior Move Manager, understand which features your new home should have, and work with family members.


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