Net Zero Housing – 3 Simple Ways To Make It Happen

We know we need to build better, more efficient homes, but how exactly do we do it? In this video you’ll discover what Peter Amerongen, president of habitat studio has been doing for over 40 years – Building highly efficient Net Zero Homes.

A net zero home is a simple and revolutionary concept. A home that produces more energy than it consumes and therefore is less expensive to live in and operate, easier to build in rural locations with less infrastructure and allows for on-site power generation.


One of the more direct benefits of building net zero is the real world annual savings you and your family can see from moving in this direction, even if in small ways.

Reduce your energy costs for the life of your home saving thousands, while saving the planet and maintaining a sustainable way of living.



In 2004 Amerongen built the Riverdale net zero in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

This home put the track towards a net zero building career into motion. The concept of net zero homes was born and integrated into Peter’s next home and most all future projects.


A few of the keys to building net zero are:


  1. energy conservation
  2. passive solar energy
  3. renewable solar energy production



Essentially, you want to Save as much as you can on your power bills and capture as much as you can in the form of either solar electric, solar hot water, thermal mass heat gain, or gray water collection and recycling.


A good example of capture is the heat recovery ventilation system. This brings in fresh air, exchanging the already conditioned and heated air, mixing with the cooler air (depending on the time of year), allowing the energy to be ‘recovered’ and therefore require not as much energy to re-heat the new fresh air.



Only use that which you need.

Keeping your home designed to the needs of those who occupy the space is important because it establishes a baseline power load that will more than likely be an average of the actual power load throughout each day.


This means higher end and more efficient appliances. Luckily, this is getting easer each year with advances in tech and space savings. It also means being just a little bit more conscious of the energy that we do consume.


Most people assume that producing electricity is too expensive, therefore won’t make the leap. However, due to the scale of solar company growth and infrastructure as well as improvements in the tech space with higher, more efficient materials, the cost of solar has dramatically dropped while the production capacity has jumped and continues to climb.



Passive solar systems, well insulated walls, quality construction, and power production. Those are the steps towards reaching our net zero housing goals.

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