How to Stop Foreclosure in Boise Idaho

Did you know that more than 29% of homes listed for sale in the Boise area are currently in foreclosure? Month after month, many homeowners are needlessly struggling to make monthly mortgage payments.

Boise Residents Can Avoid Foreclosure

Fortunately, Idaho has several resources to help Boise homeowners deal with delinquent mortgage payments, avoid going further into default and avoid foreclosure.

If you’re struggling to get rid of increasing mortgage payments for good, we’ll show you how to stop foreclosure and help you sell your house before it’s too late.

How to Stop Foreclosure in a Hurry

One of the first things you can do is request a loan modification through your mortgage servicer. But, you’ll need to continue making payments. Often, lenders will give you a trial payment period and any late payments could affect your chances of being approved for a loan modification and accelerate the default to foreclosure process.

Another option is to enter into a short sale agreement with your mortgage company. A short sale allows you to sell your house for less than your mortgage balance. But you’ll want to know how much does it cost to sell a home using the short sale method.

There are 3 challenges you’ll face with a short sale.

1. Most mortgage lenders will want you to list your home with a real estate agent, meaning you’ll pay a brokerage commission to sell your home.

2. Even if you get a quick offer, your mortgage company needs time to review and approve the sale. You’ll need to keep making mortgage payments while you’re waiting for short sale approval from your lender.

3. If you have a second mortgage or tax liens, the short sale amount won’t cover them.This is an automatic deal-killer because your buyer’s mortgage company won’t finance them without a clear title. If you’re wondering how to sell a home as is with liens, a short sale is not the way to go.

How to Sell a Home As Is

It’s difficult for buyers to get mortgage financing to buy short sale properties, so real estate experts recommend that only cash buyers can deal with short sales efficiently. So, the best advice to sellers is to avoid the short sale altogether and deal exclusively with a cash buyer.

If you’re wondering how much does it cost to sell a home without a listing agent, the answer depends on your buyer. You can sell your house with virtually no cost when you work with a full time professional real estate investor.

Get a Cash Offer for Your House Now

When you sell your house to a direct investor, you’ll be working with a real estate professional that others trust. Don’t get stuck dealing with a one-time investor who might back out of the sale. Choose an established real estate company that buys houses in Boise every day.

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If you find yourself facing foreclosure and unable to find tenants or maybe just inherited a home, in any case, we can help you sell your home in Boise in 7-10 days. If you’re thinking of selling and are exploring your options, consider selling directly to us.

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