How to Sell Your Home Faster – 5 DIY Landscaping Projects to Boots Your Home’s Value

how to sell your home faster

how to sell your home faster using Landscape design


Want to know how to sell your home faster and for more money?  One of the first things your Real Estate Agent will suggest when it’s time to sell is to pay attention to your curb appeal. Your home’s exterior should be framed in a way that makes buyers envision easy maintenance and lazy afternoons. And there are plenty of projects you can do even if your handyman skills are anything but handy.

#1. Upgrade your mailbox

You may consider your mailbox strictly a utilitarian item that serves one purpose: collect mail. But in reality, your mailbox is part of your home’s architectural design. A broken, dirty, or missing mailbox visually cues to buyers that your home hasn’t been properly maintained. Angie’s List claims that swapping your outdated mailbox is a straightforward project that will ensure your property commands respect.

#2. Light up the driveway

Many buyers will take a nighttime tour of the neighborhood to get a feel for the area before making an offer. Illuminate the exterior with solar lights along the driveway and path leading up to the front door. No electrical experience required.

#3. Add a touch of color with new mulch

There are so many different types of mulch that we could dedicate an entire article on the pros and cons of each. Your two primary options, however, are organic and inorganic. There isn’t necessarily a right kind of mulch but there are some that look – and smell – better than others. If your primary goal is to up your home’s aesthetics, consider wood chips, which are available in brown, black, or red to complement any outdoor decor. If your flowerbeds are uneven, consider adding a layer of pine straw. Each of these are inexpensive and will instantly update the look of the home.

#4. Create a sense of privacy with evergreens

The privacy of your home lends to the quality of life you enjoy. When you’re inside, you have walls and windows that block your actions from the neighbor’s view. Outside is a different story if you don’t have the benefit of a privacy fence. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a fence, plant a few trees or shrubs to make the outdoor recreation space a haven of seclusion. Evergreens make excellent boundaries and come in a variety of shapes and textures. Garden Design Magazine lists 10 all-season evergreens that will look great even in the depth of winter.

#5. Lay an eye-catching brick patio

A brick patio will lend visual appeal to both brick and siding homes and can be laid in different patterns according to the look you want to achieve. If you don’t mind putting in a little hard work, a simple 5’ x 10’ patio will add value to your home without breaking the bank. Bricks can be picked up for as little as $.50 apiece at most major hardware stores, where you can also find other types of paving stone if you don’t like the relative simplicity of red clay. This Old House walks you through the steps of laying a brick patio and explains you only need a few tools and some determination to make it happen.

While outdoor projects may seem overwhelming, if you have the right tools and take the time to properly prepare, they can be pretty easy to complete and will leave you results you can be proud of. Make sure you have a good pair of garden gloves, which the DIY Guys assert will keep your hands safe and clean no matter what you encounter in your landscaping adventures. Other tools of the trade include a shovel, spade, level and rubber mallet.

Over the course of the weekend, you can transform your home’s exterior from worn out to wonderful and boost your home’s value to eager buyers. Preparation is the key, so you should take the time to gather your tools and choose the right parts, plants and products for your project.


Clara is a retired business owner, who currently works in community gardening. She operates GardenerGigs, which aims to connect local gardeners with those who need them.


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