How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy When You Move Into a New Home Together

Moving is a truly traumatic and hectic experience – not just for you, but also for your pets. By using our helpful tips, you can make the moving process easier on your dog, ease his transition, and find ways to keep him comfortable and happy during this stressful time.

Think like a dog

According to Petcentric, you can help your pet by thinking more like him. Dogs are territorial creatures, and when you move, you’re taking them away from their territory. Help your dog adjust by sticking to the same schedule the two of you have established. Maintain regular feeding times, walking times and bedtimes as much as you can.

If possible, start walking your dog around your new neighborhood before you move in. This way, he will become familiar with the sights and smells of his new territory. When the movers and extra help have gone, give your dog a guided tour of the new house and yard.

Keep your dog at home

The adjustment period to a new home can be very difficult for your dog, and he may try to escape when he’s taken to your new place even if he’s always been well-behaved in the past. Before you move, have him microchipped so you can always find him. Get him new tags and put all your new information on them. If you have the chance to meet your new neighbors, tell them you have a dog and give them a description of him. This way, they can contact you if they happen to see him loose.

Keep your dog safe at home by installing a fence in your new yard if you don’t already have one. This will prevent your pet from running away, and it will give him a safe, enclosed area to play in. In addition to protecting your furry friend, adding a fence is a nice upgrade to your home. The job of installing a fence is best left to a professional. Review your options online to find a pro in your area.

Make sure your dog stays safe

Before you bring your dog inside your new home, make sure the environment is safe by pet proofing the house and the yard. Remove any landscaping that might be harmful to him, and vacuum and sweep all your floors to remove debris he may ingest.

Make your dog feel welcome

Give your dog a space of his own in the new house, and fill it with familiar items. Choose a dedicated spot for his bed and toys and give him easy access to his food and water bowls. When you bring your dog into your new home, show him where all his things are so he understand this is his new territory.

Don’t wash your dog’s bed, blankets or toys, according to Cesar’s Way. You want your dog’s items to have all the same familiar smells to make the transition easier. You should also wait to buy new items for him so he’ll have one less adjustment to make.

Give your pup extra love

Your dog is going to be confused by the activity and the newness of everything before, during and after the move. Remember that you are your dog’s anchor, so continuously remind him that your love hasn’t changed by giving him extra affection and attention. If possible, take a few days or even a week off of work so you can spend extra time with him during this transition.

Ease the adjustment

One way to help your dog adjust even more quickly is to get down on his level. Sit and lay down on the floor when you play with him so that your smell will quickly become a part of the new home. Your dog is almost always at floor level, so if he can smell your scent there, he will begin to understand that this new home includes both of you.

Keep your dog safe and happy

Be patient with your pet, and help him feel comfortable in his new territory. Consider your dog’s needs and pay attention to his moods to make the adjustment period as smooth as possible. When your dog adjusts to the new home, it will be that much easier for you to adjust to your new living space as well.


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